If you have an .stl or .obj file and you want a rough quote or want it printed fast, you can click "Order A Print" and go through 3Dhubs.com. If you have something that is a little more complicated, or you have questions or concerns about materials or print resolution, you can send us an e-mail or use our "contact us" page, and we'll be more than happy to assist you with your 3D printing needs. 


FDM Printers

We use commercial-grade FDM printers that can print at a maximum size of 23"x7"x8" or 18"x15"x15" up to resolution as high as 25 microns and as low as 250 microns. We can print in a wide range of materials from standard PLA to metals, woods, semi-liquids and flexible materials. We also have a liquid extruding 3D printer that can print in silicone, clay, chocolate, ceramic and other liquids. 


Finishing and post production

We offer in-house model finishing, construction and painting. If you have a model that you need printed in a larger size, we can break it into sections and print it, finish it and construct it for you.  

We also offer an in-house painting service using Liquitex Professional Series Spray Paint. Pick from 100 different colors including silver, gold and bronze. We use XTC-3D to coat your model before painting, ensuring a smoother finish free of support material removal marks for blemishes from finishing.