Have an idea but you need help making it a reality? 

We can help!

Whether it be a rapid-prototype or a production prototype, we can help you make a physical object of your idea.  Even if you are starting from scratch.

We offer full design services from start to finish. We can measure, design, and prototype your idea from start to finish, or we can just help you convert your drawings into a 3D file for manufacturing or prototyping.

The benefit of prototyping your idea is it allows for proof-of-concept.  Prototyping will reduce your future costs if it turns out your files idea needs to be tweaked.


Step 1

STEP 1:convert drawing to design

Bring in your drawings or sketches and we will convert them into a three dimensional object. From here we can start making prototypes and make adjustments. 

Step 2

STEP 2: make adjustments

Now that we have the three dimensional design, it is time to start making prototypes to test proof-of-concept, fit and function. Here we can make adjustments to ensure that your final result is perfect. 

Step 3

STEP 3: Final result

We produce and finish your final prototype! If you need the final product to look market-ready, we can polish and finish your object to make it look consumer ready! We also supply you with a copy of your digital file to take to factories for mass-production. 



We've created this checklist to help entrepreneurs and inventors be ready for the first step of prototyping! Once you've completed all four of these items, you are ready to prototype!

1. NDA! Have a Non-Disclosure Agreement ready! You need to protect your intellectual property! There are many sites that provide free NDA's. NDAS For Free is a great example.

2. Have a sketch or drawing with the measurements in millimeters not inches. The benefit of millimeters is that it allows you to be very exact with the dimensions of your design, and consequently with the accuracy of your final prototype. 

3. Make sure you've researched all the regulations and laws regarding the production or end-use of your idea. Nothing is worse than spending money and time designing something that you won't be able to sell because it doesn't meet the country's laws or regulations. 

4. If you plan on mass-producing your idea, make sure you've contacted manufacturers and know what type of files and what they will need to mass produce your invention for you. This way we can provide you with the type of file you need.