Cobblebots and Discov3ry Extruder finally arrive!

Christmas came early for Formed2fit with the delivery of our 2 Cobblebot kickstarter kits and our Discov3ry Extruder!

X-mas Packages

 We were December and January backers for the Cobblebot and after what seemed like an eternity have finally received our kits. After about a day of tinkering we got to work and are 80% done both kits. Unfortunately progress has been slow with forced stoppages due to missing or insufficient parts. We have had to order Solid V Wheels, smooth idler pulley wheel kit and M5 tee nuts from, and we are confident that we are going to have to make some modifications to make the printer work consistently. 

Cobblebot install

Other than that the kit looks pretty solid. We opted for every upgrade possible, short of the dual extruders. In the end, each kit probably cost us $1000 (much higher than the initial $299) after Cobblebot "upgrades", shipping and additional parts Cobblebot neglected to include. For that price, we think our money would have been better spent buying a Duplicator 5S mini or Printrbot XL. After experiencing Cobblebots horrendous customer support, general business practices and backer roll-out (Last kickstarter we will be contributing due to our bad experience) we wouldn't not recommend you backing any 3D printer kickstarter campaign, let-alone buy one from Cobblebot (JUST DON'T DO IT).

With some luck, we should have our machines up and running soon and can give feedback on the reliability and functionality of the printer.  

We are waiting to get both the Cobblebots built before we attempt to install the Discov3ry extruder, so stay tuned to find out how that goes.